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If you’re looking to improve your photography or just want to photograph some of Wirral’s impressive scenery, then why not consider some 1:2:1 tuition?

I passionately believe that landscape photography is a fantastic way to relax, be at one with nature, and also provides us with endless amounts of opportunities to exercise our creativity.


Of course knowing how to take a great photograph and really capture any given moment is one of the greatest challenges, and more often than not, causes people to feel disheartened by their Photography.


If you would like to learn how to use your camera, the settings needed for particular images and also plunge into the depths of composition techniques and filtering light, then why not book some private tuition with myself?


My 1:2:1 Photography workshops are available to book for anyone wanting to develop their skills and learn how to take great pictures in beautiful surroundings each and every time you venture out with your camera.


Sessions must be pre-booked in advance and usually require a free 30-minute phone consultation beforehand to get to know one another and discuss preferred locations and photography goals.


Workshops usually last around 70 minutes depending on location and Fees start from £65 per session.


For any info regarding tuition, please do not hesitate to get in touch so we can discuss this in greater depth.
Thank you kindly.


Wattsapp/Phone : 07749956780
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